me-smnewDavid Corrigan, founder of DC Marketing Solutions, took his first job in the graphic arts industry in 1980 at a Worcester area printing company where he worked on a printing press. There was not one computer in sight, everything had to be set manually, he often had ink-stained hands, and it took a long time to produce a product. After doing this for a few years, David got into doing pre-press and film assembly work in the graphic arts field. Here David found his interest for learning everything he could about all the technological advances in the printing industry. The 1990’s saw a proliferation of the computer-generated technologies and David joined a small local area business and started to work with Desktop Publishing. From there, his love for the computer and all that they could produce together was born.

After spending years working for other small to moderate-sized companies in Worcester County, David now lives and works from his home in Central Massachusetts with his beautiful wife (she often visits this website), his teenage son, Golden Retriever and cat. Our family is just not complete without our furry critters. While not sitting behind a computer, David can often be found riding his bike throughout the hills of Worcester County. Summer 2011 was a good riding season-4,000 miles covered and 30 pounds lost! David’s other interests are golfing, hiking, snow shoeing, skiing, but he especially loves going to chick-flicks with his wife (remember she visits this site).

We are located in the heart of Massachusetts. We are planning on staying. How about you?

If you are looking for a local company to get your higher visibility and you see the benefits of getting higher online visibility. You might be around for a long time, because let’s face it. The Internet is not going anywhere soon.